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Changzhou Hanke composite material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the sales of raw and auxiliary materials in the field of composite materials and providing technical support. At present, the company's main sales products are: "Hanke" brand resin, gel coat and accessories; agent sales of "Huari" brand resin; operating all kinds of resin, gel coat, glass fiber and products, mold release wax release agent series, sandwich materials, vacuum auxiliary materials and other tools and equipment, relying on the advanced technology and strong support of many high-quality suppliers, we are engaged in yacht and ship manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing and manufacturing of yachts and automobiles We provide high quality products, perfect service and scientific solutions for customers in many fields, such as sanitary ware, model model, wind power generation, aerospace, pipeline, sports equipment and electronic appliances.
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Changzhou Hanke composite materials Co., Ltd
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